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Ogden Utah based artist Jon Morgan's artistic practice draws on the human condition.  His experience of being a father to special needs children has taught that compassion towards each other should be a driving force to the lives that we live.  Largely self-taught, Morgan focuses on stories of real people and creates the physical representation of those ideas.   "Art should be beautiful, it should be interesting, but it should have a higher purpose.  It should offer a call to action.  That call should inspire and encourage us to be better than we are.  A reminder of our incredible potential for greatness."

Morgan believes that when his art is successful it creates an emotional connection.  The stories his pieces tell are powerful, often showing struggle with adversity.  The stories while gathered from one experience are not at all unique, and therefore resonate with others who have gone through similar things.  It's very common for people to leave the studio having shared tears over a story that they especially connect with.  

Morgan is passionate about sculpture, because of the challenges it offers in creating it.  It's a process and usually involves many people.  It usually takes months to create.  Having grown up in a loving humble environment Morgan appreciates that the people who invest in his art are making an investment in him.  For that reason, it needs to be something very special, sculpture that can be a conversation starter, sculpture that can bring people together, sculpture that is applicable to our times and our needs.

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