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Hemeroscopium is an illusion to a place that exists only in our mind, in our senses, that is ever-changing and mutable, but is nonetheless real.  When we are confronted with something that we don't understand we often don't realize that we don't understand it because we are able to come up with an explanation that makes sense based on our own unique perspective and experiences in the world.  We all want the complicated world we live in to make sense, so we tell ourselves stories to fill in the gaps.  Because of these gaps we wonder why others could have the views they have, especially when we are so convinced that our way of thinking is correct.  This sculptures story is purposely interrupted by a break that emphasizes an incompleteness.  That void offers interest and questioning to honor the idea that it's okay not to know everything.  It's okay because that lack of congruency offers something more beautiful.  An opportunity to bridge that gap through understand and learning.  As long as we are accepting and loving and willing to learn from each other.  The moment we dig in and refuse to appreciate the variety that the world has to offer is the moment we close ourselves off to our own evolution.

Sunrise   we all deal with loss despair and sadness.  Sunrise embodies the hope of a new day, the promise of warmth and vitality, the possibility that the darkness will be replaced by light and bring new growth and beauty into our life.

Sunset  There exists a moment in the day where the light starts to change as the sun sets.  It's in that moment, that a realization of lost opportunity sets in.  Regret for the uncompleted, self-evaluation and judgement for how the day was spent.

This sculpture is not about that.  It's about the moment that comes next.  The sky begins to change.  An intense pink reflects off the clouds and reds and oranges spread majestically across the sky.  It's in that beautiful breathtaking moment that we realize that the day is behind us and there is nothing else we can do.

Everything about this sculpture exudes a satisfaction of what is.  An understanding that life is not a plant that can carefully and predictably be completed.  It's erratic and full of surprises, and we embrace those challenges and ultimately conquer them.  And in the end when those purple skies become dark we can say: I AM GOOD ENOUGH!

Eye of the Storm In the midst of a storm, are we subject to its forces, thrown around by its dictate.  Or are we instead the power behind the storm, the will and energy that drives the world around us.